A moderator for a popular Mexican site was found tortured and decapitated Wednesday, making him the fourth victim in Nuevo Laredo since September killed for reporting on drug cartels through social media.

The man's body was dumped in the Mexican border town after blogging about the Zetas drug cartel, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"This happened to me because I didn't understand I shouldn't post things on social networks," read a note reportedly left with the body. The note identified the man by the username "Rascatripas" or "Belly Scratcher," but authorities have yet to publicly identify the man.

The man moderated Nuevo Laredo En Vivo, an online chat room where anonymous users post about drug violence.

In September, a man and a woman were murdered and hung from a pedestrian overpass with a message from the Zetas threatening bloggers.

Later that month, a female blogger was beheaded and left next to a Christopher Columbus statue, the same place the most recent body was found. A message also signed by the Zetas said she was killed because of her posts on social networking sites.

Despite the cartel's warnings, one blogger remains dedicated to reporting about cartel activity and helping citizens stay safe.

"These deaths will not be in vain...they cannot kill us all," blogger Oscar Villanueva told MSNBC.

Villanueva writes for the Boderland Beat, a site that reports on the war between the Mexican drug cartels, and he plans to create a Twitter manifesto, calling those in his Twitter circle to unite and continue reporting on the cartels.

Sites like the Boderland Beat have become the primary source for updates on drug violence since newspapers have censored their coverage of drug war activity for fear of cartel retaliation. Now that bloggers are under attack, those who contribute to these sites insist on taking precautions.

A message on the En Vivo chat room, urged people to stay safe.

"Because of recent events in the city, and knowing that it is dominated by those who shouldn't, and now that we can't trust the police because those in the highest offices are also involved in the mafia, we have to start taking some measures of security to avoid being victims in this crime."

I don't know anything about anything! Lol! But this sh!t is f**king crazy! Mofo's talk sh!t online all day without any consequences because they are anonymous. The drug cartels aren't playing that sh!t! They show up like a thief in the night & kick in ya door waving the .44


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