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SWEET MONEY ENT. MULTI MEDIA GROUP I am the C.E.O of Sweet Money Ent. vice-president of Scurry Life DJs & the president of 5*4*20 Records. I'm also the Co-Founder of I started off promoting vinyl for 5*4*20 Records in 2002. Back then I had to hit the streets. I would go around to all the mixtape spots on Canal Street and Harlem. I would ask if I can go thru the black binder and write down the contacts to the djs that was on the back of the mixtapes and they would always obliged me. From there I would call the numbers and ask if I could ship them vinyl. I would make follow up calls to make sure they receive their package and if they would play it on whatever mixtape or radio station they were on. And that started my relationship with the DJs. Around that time we started Scurry Life Dvd. It got us into all the major label's where we interviewed their artist for our street dvds. I gained a lot of important contacts thru out the country doing the dvds. When the game started changing and going online I had to change with it. I started collecting my industry contacts and started my promotion company Sweet Money Ent. to help artist promote their music to the people that count. We also started Scurry Life DJs so I wouldn't have to beg DJs to play the records I was promoting. With Scurry Life DJs we can break our own records on the mixtapes we put out and on Scurry Life Radio. My years of promoting for 5*4*20 Records taught me a thing or two. My goal was to have different elements to help me corner the market and I think we've done that. With more than 15 years in the entertainment industry we provide services such as Internet Promotion, MP3 Blast, Graphic Artwork & Music Videos for Major & Independent labels. CONTACT: R5420RECORDS@YAHOO.COM Promotion Packages for Artist:
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