Nicki Minaj Wants To Sanction Hough In Court For Smearing Her Name

Nicki Minaj is not backing down in the ongoing battle with a woman suing the rapper and her husband for $20 million. Nicki Minaj is attempting to sanction Jennifer Hough and her lawyers for telling a judge Nicki and Kenneth were members of a ruthless New York gang. Jennifer Hough is suing Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, claiming the couple embarked on a campaign of harassment to get her to recant rape allegations against Kenneth. According to Hough, Kenneth Petty offered her as much as $500,000 to recant her claim that he raped her at knifepoint in 1994. The couple hired private detectives to track her down, harassed her daughter, and forced Hough to move to multiple states in fear for her life. Jennifer Hough claims Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty ordered their associates to threaten her life when she refused. She claims an associate named Black and other unknown individuals have been threatening her life on behalf of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty. Hough’s lawyers Tyrone Blackburn and Steven N. Gordon claimed Nikki and Kenneth are members of the Makk Baller Brims, a Queens-based subset of the Bloods.  Nicki wants to sanction Hough for smearing her good name over the “inexcusable and wholly unsupported accusations against Ms. Maraj, such as that she ordered someone to kill Hough and that she is a member of a notorious street gang,” according to the rapper’s lawyer Judd Burstein. Last week, it was revealed Nicki Minaj had been dropped from Jennifer Hough’s lawsuit. However, the legal move was a formality, so the lawsuit could be re-filed in a new jurisdiction, California, the state where Nicki and Kenneth live.


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