Feds Claim Thay Have A Witness That Will Testify Taxstone Killed Troy Ave’s Bodyguard Banga

Taxstone’s legal issues recently took a surprise turn as the Feds are now claiming to have a witness who will testify that he or she saw the popular podcast personality fire the shot that killed Troy Ave’s friend, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Since being arrested in January, Tax, born Daryl Campbell, has only been indicted on charges of being a felon possessing a firearm and owning a gun purchased through interstate commerce for his role in the infamous 2016 Irving Plaza shooting that left Banga dead and others injured, including Troy Ave.

According to a document obtained by Bossip, murder charges may be coming soon. “Indeed, the Government proffers that it expects witness testimony—which …will further establish that the defendant fired the shot that killed Ronald McPhatter, an associate of [Troy Ave] killed during the shooting,” then-US attorney Preet Bharara wrote to Judge Schofield on April 16.

Tax was initially freed on $500,000 bail, but had the bail revoked after the Feds implied more serious charges were pending. Despite requests from Tax’s lawyer that he be freed on bail, he has been denied, with Feds claiming he is a menace to society. “The nature and seriousness of the danger the defendant presents is clear,” Bharara wrote to Judge Schofield. “He has been convicted of two violent felonies, consistently flouted court orders, proclaimed his willingness to seek out disputes then resolve them with deadly violence, unlawfully obtained a semiautomatic handgun to ensure he could carry out that threat, then opened fire in a public venue, causing death and mayhem. No conditions of pretrial detention can reasonably be expected to protect the community from the defendant.”

The podcaster’s attorney is arguing that he should be allowed to be released while this whole situation plays out in the legal system.

The judge will hear arguments from both sides in May.

Troy Ave. out here thinking he's Pac …….


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