FBI Investigating R. Kelly For Allegedly Booking Underage Victim's Flight

The walls might be closing in on R. Kelly. The singer is reportedly under criminal investigation in Georgia and the parents of Joycelyn Savage were allegedly contacted by the FBI. However, now there are reports he is officially investigation by the FBI for taking an underage girl across state lines.

TMZ reports, the singer "allegedly arranged a coast-to-coast trip for Azriel Clary when she was underage, and the FBI is now looking into the trip to see if R. Kelly committed a federal crime."

Clary's parents were featured in "Surviving R. Kelly." Azriel was supposedly "was flown from Palm Springs to Phoenix to Orlando on May 25, 2015. She flew US Airways, leaving Cali at 6:57 AM and eventually landing in Florida at 4:09 PM." She was 17 at the time, which means R. Kelly could have violated the Mann Act. The federal says it's "illegal to transport a minor across state lines for purposes of sex, debauchery or prostitution," according to TMZ.

Of course, R. Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg is denying everything, telling TMZ, "Mr. Kelly has not violated the law. Certainly not the Mann Act. The story has flawed factual predicates. Beyond that, we remain unaware of any investigation, anywhere."

There is a note that was allegedly written by Clary's parents giving consent for the 17-year-old to be in the care of Kelly's assistant.


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