Family Fight! Kris Jenner Throws A Rock Through Window Of Kim Kardashian's New Mansion After Brawl

Turns out reality is not as real as it seems - and it's a whole lot nastier.
Kris Jenner is mad, really mad, or at least she is in the latest story line for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Proving the family's E show is not as real as its reality category may suggest, TMZ has revealed a new script sees the matriarch of the family commit a crime.
The website has got it hands on 'a very detailed outline of scenes for season 10' and things get rather dramatic between Kris and daughter Kim Kardashian,

According to the site's production sources, 'in one scene, after Kim and Kanye [West] move into their new home, Kim goes back to Kris' home and takes a bunch of cookware and silverware'.

'When Kris realizes it, she storms over to Kim's house to confront her and Kanye.'

So detailed is the outline that it even has lines for the angry head of the household to say.

The website reports: 'And through a crack in the door Kris screams, 'I gave you life and you stole my cookware!''

'Kim fires back that if Kris doesn't back off she'll have her removed from the premises.'

Not done there, after Kim slams the door on her mother, the script then sees 'Kris goes crazy'.

'[Kris], picks up a rock and throws it at an upstairs window, shattering the glass as she screams, "You won't get rid of me this easily."'

Making sure no aspect of the dramatic scene is left unaccounted for according to TMZ, 'it's so scripted North West cries on cue'.

The Kardashians have never publicly said their show is not real, but have admitted to having editing rights and even using fake houses.


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