Drug Dealer Snitches On Rapper Ra Diggs To Get His 30 Year Sentence Reduced

He was dressed to kill.

A burly drug dealer testified Thursday that he took the advice of reputed hip-hop gangster Ronald (Ra Diggs) Herron to dress up like a woman in order to get the drop on a rival he was trying to murder.

“I put on a wig, lipstick, makeup and I went looking for him,” Saquan Wallace, 28, said in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Wallace, who is serving a 30-year sentence for racketeering, murder and drug trafficking as the leader of a crew that had terrorized the Wyckoff Gardens housing project in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, is a government witness against Herron. Wallace and Herron were allies in the drug trade.

Herron allegedly controlled crack sales at the neighboring Gowanus Houses and is charged with racketeering and three murders.

In early 2006, Wallace wanted to kill his one-time protégé Jabari Foster for disobeying an order to stop selling drugs at a particular building. Wallace told Assistant U.S. Attorney Rena Paul that it was Herron who gave him the idea for the drag getup because Herron said that he, too, had donned a woman’s wig to stealthily track his enemies.

Wallace, who is about 6-feet-2 and weighs more than 200 pounds, said he selected a long shirt that looked like a dress and stalked his prey in the project’s three buildings.

He finally came upon an apartment where there was loud music and partying inside, and he correctly figured that Foster was inside.

“Someone walked out and I was around the wall waiting,” Wallace said. “When the person came in the open it was him (Foster) and I opened fire on him repeatedly and killed him.”

On cross-examination, defense lawyer James Neuman asked: “Did you look like a woman?”

“Yes,” Wallace replied.

“So it was a good disguise for you?”

“It was good enough,” Wallace said.

After the shooting, Wallace said he stuffed the outfit in a plastic bag and burned it.

None of the murders in which Herron, 32, is charged involve him dressing as a woman.

But he has his own drama to deal with: prosecutors plan to use as evidence Herron’s YouTube videos in which the aspiring rapper boasts about shootings and murder.

Wallace told the jury he is hoping to get a break on his lengthy sentence by testifying against Herron. Wallace’s identical twin brother, Kaywan, is serving a 20-year sentence on drug charges. Sources said the Wallace brothers did some amateur modeling besides selling dope and were both considered attractive hunks by women in the projects.

So that n!**@ got rapped up @ 28 & is serving a 30 year sentence? And he snitches on Ra Diggs to get his time reduced…..


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