A New York-based clothing brand once hyped by Notorious B.I.G. is accusing Nike, the NBA and the Nets of swiping their iconic designs.

Coogi claims a special 2018-2019 Nike “City Edition” Nets jersey, with a pattern called “Brooklyn Camo,” imitates their distinctive, colorful — and copyrighted designs, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

Players wore the jerseys during a Nov. 17, 2018 game honoring Brooklyn-born rap legend Biggie Smalls.

The rapper also known as Notorious B.I.G. was photographed in Coogi sweaters and rapped about them, including in his 1996 song “Hypnotize,” where he rhymed, “Every cutie with a booty bought a Coogi.”

“[The defendants] were well aware that Biggie neither wore nor rapped about anything called ‘Brooklyn Camo,” the lawsuit reads.

“But they created, marketed and sold and distributed ‘Brooklyn Camo’ products so as to confuse consumers about the connection between their goods… and Coogi.”

The companies also knowingly violated Coogi’s copyrights for their designs called “Pea Soup” and “Ricotta,” the label claims.

The brand claims that the parties involved in making and selling the jersey should have known better since many celebrities including Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross, have worn or rapped about Coogi.

They’re suing for damages and for everyone involved to stop selling the gear.


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