UK Rapper Digga D Plead Guilty To Dug Charges After Getting Arrested On Livestream

UK rapper Digga D drill artist (real name Rhys Herbert) pleaded guilty to a charge of smuggling cannabis and also admitted to supplying cannabis. He appeared at Lincoln Crown Court via video link from a prison in London, where he was remanded in custody. The prosecution did not accept the basis of his pleas, however, and the judge adjourned the case until July 8 to determine whether he’ll face a trial. Back in February, Digga D was livestreaming from his home in Lincoln when police arrived at the property to arrest him. In the since-deleted viral clip, the rapper shouted as officers made their way through his home, with dogs and drones also being used in the arrest. “What do you lot want? Oi, what do you lot want, bruv?” he said in the footage. “I’m here! I am here! Stop! What are you lot doing?!” He continued: “I am on the floor. What are you lot doing? Stop, man. I am coming. Why are you lot doing that? An officer could then he heard shouting: “Armed police!” to which Digga D replied: “Yes, I heard you.” He was then told to “come to the front door with his hands up.” Since his rise to fame in 2018, Digga D has faced numerous legal issues and was given a Criminal Behavior Order which regulates the release of his music. The CBO requires Digga to get police permission before releasing new music, forbids him from using London postcodes and bans him from referencing real-life incidents in his lyrics. He has also had many videos removed from YouTube and was fitted with a GPS tracker, as well as being forced to check in with probation every three hours. The rapper’s lawyer also revealed that the police had a list of people he was not allowed to associate with. “There’s a list of about 18 to 20 people that [Digga D] isn’t allowed to associate with, most of whom make up his friends from school or friends from his area or people that the police deemed were part of a gang that he was part of,” he said. Digga was also stabbed in prison 


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