Lil Yachty Receives Backlash For Working With Rapper Ian After Criticizing Hip Hop

Lil Yachty made waves for all the wrong reasons when a video surfaced on social media showing him in the lab with the divisive white rapper. While the audio had been hilariously edited with the theme song from Jeopardy!, it appears as though the pair were working on music together. The link-up didn’t sit well with fans, with some accusing Yachty of being a hypocrite given his recent comments about Hip Hop’s perceived lack of creativity and originality. One user shared quotes from the rapper where he said last year: “Hip Hop is in a terrible place. The state of Hip Hop right now is a lot of imitation. It’s a lot of quick, low-quality music being put out. “It’s a lot less risk-taking, it’s a lot less originality… People are too safe now. Everyone is so safe. I’d rather take the risk than take the L.” Another added: “Nvm I don’t rly fw him no more. This n-gga said Hip Hop is in a terrible state and then went to do a song with a fucking colonizer [three crying emojis] we’re cooked. Ian a 19-year-old rapper from Dallas (via St. Louis), Ian has been blowing up of late thanks to his viral hit “Figure It Out.” The song encapsulates the jarring juxtaposition that has made him such a polarizing figure: an unapologetically suburban white kid rapping about money, cars and drugs in the style of Yeat, Playboi Carti and Gucci Mane. The success of “Figure It Out” has been fueled by a From the Block performance of the song in which Ian is surrounded by family members at a dinner table, as well as its recently released video which boasts a cameo from NFL legend Marshawn Lynch, who is mentioned on the song. Ian also released his debut project Valedictorian to largely negative reviews earlier this month. 


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