T-Pain Says Lil Wayne And Birdman Used To Bet 10G On Video Games

Talk about cash money!

Long before they professionally parted ways, longtime collaborators Lil Wayne and Birdman used to bet thousands of dollars on video games.

Florida rapper T-Pain spilled the beans about his rapper buddies during a live stream of "Doom" on Twitch, an online community used by video gamers.

"Let me tell you how rich n----s are... when I used to be in the studio with Lil Wayne and Birdman, (They) would bet money on $10,000 a game on (NFL) Madden and they would just let the computer play," he said in the stream. "I thought that was the most balling-ish s--t."

T-Pain, 30, said he never participating in the bet because he's not "an idiot."

"I didn't want to spend all my money," he joked. "I know them n----s got damn near billions of dollars, but I'm not about to act like I'm in that bracket."

The days of friendly bets and burning money are long over.

Last year, Weezy, 33, who is CEO of the record label, Young Money, waged a war with Birdman, 47, over a $51 million lawsuit he filed against its parent company, Cash Money Records.

In the lawsuit, Young Money claimed it was supposed to get a hefty piece of a $100 million advance from Universal Records — an advance that was collected by Birdman’s Cash Money.


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