Social Media Goes In On Mariah Carey For Lip Syncing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ At Thanksgiving Day Parade

All she wanted for Thanksgiving was to get through "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

Dozens of social media users raked Mariah Carey over the coals following a performance of her hit holiday anthem during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday morning, mocking the diva for allegedly delivering a carbon copy of her original 1994 rendition.

"No one is more thankful for anything today than Mariah Carey is for lip syncing," tweeted user @chelseanachman.

"Yo Mariah Carey is doing a horrid job at lip syncing at the parade SOS 4 her," added @maincommadev.

"Amazing - Mariah Carey sounds just like she did in 1994! … #lipsync #originalrecording," wrote @CLEvival.

Some acknowledged that the 45-year-old vocalist, who performed atop a float dressed in a figure-hugging red dress and white coat, appeared to be mouthing the song's words — but were delighted just to watch her perform it.

"@MariahCarey looked STUNNING on her float, even with a recorded performance she's magical!" said @missysheldrake.

And least one person seemed to think she'd given a true live performance — or simply wasn't a fan of her music.

"Mariah Carey is so bad live my ears are bleeding," wrote @jaydahnicole.

Performers at the Thanksgiving Day Parade do frequently lip-sync to pre-recorded versions of their songs due to cold weather and logistic challenges.

Still, fans referenced Carey's disastrous rendition of her tuneat Rockefeller Center's annual tree lighting ceremony last year, during which she struggled to hit high notes and seemed to have trouble breathing.

Her anemic performance similarly set social media ablaze, earning the Grammy-winning R&B singer put-downs such as "RIP Mariah Carey's Voice" and "You're killing this song. Like literally it's dead....please stop."


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