Rihanna is out to prove just how “Rated R” her life really is.

The singer snapped a racy shot of a stripper with cash stuffed in her mouth and shared it on Twitter Thursday with more than 25 million followers.

“Bands ah make her dance,” Photobucketthe party girl tweeted, referencing rapper Juicy J’s highly NSFW track about exotic dancers.

The photo shows a nude woman leaning back in between someone’s thighs, covered in dollar bills, with her hands over her breasts.

Instagram followers questioned whether Rihanna was the second woman in the photo.

“I’m pretty sure Rihanna is sitting down getting a lap dance,” one user wrote.

Rihanna continued her wild week at a Vegas Strip shooting range early Friday morning - tweeting out some more photos of what was left of the target she left riddled.

The singer shot off a few full automatic rifles including an AR-15, a M4 carbine and a SAW (aka Squad Automatic Weapon) machine gun, a rep for the Guns and Ammo Garage told the News.

It’s not the first X-rated shot Rihanna has shared on Twitter.

She posted a photo in May that shows her flinging bills and dancing with two scantily-clad strippers.

“Best stress reliever = $tripper$. Kill it Tip it #Cake,” she tweeted at the time.


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