Prince Estate Sued By Two Looking For Payout

The claims against Prince’s estate aren’t limited to daddy issues.

A California man seeks a $1 billion payout, claiming he was never paid in a lucrative verbal agreement with Prince after the two met in 1982 — before the release of “Purple Rain.”

Rodney Herachio Dixon, in a bizarre and rambling 36-page filing, demands “the sole and exclusive ownership of the intellectual properties held by Prince Rogers Nelson at the time of his death.”

And an Alabama woman wants $500,000 as reimbursement for her work as “the creator” of Prince’s 2004 double-platinum album “Musicology.”

Four months before her court filing, Kimberley Felecia Potts was arrested for trespassing at Prince’s Paisley Park estate — where the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s lifeless body was discovered April 21.

She was carrying a black tambourine festooned with Prince’s familiar logo.

The Dixon filing features purple prose and outlandish claims. At one point, Dixon claims that he and Prince referred to each other as “Messiah.”

There’s more, of course.

“It is hereby clearly understood that neither Prince nor Mr. Dixon thought they were Jesus,” the court papers explain. “The term Messiah was used to describe people who could do incredible things ... for example, the legendary basketball phenomenon Earl Monroe.”

Dixon claimed Prince promised to make him a millionaire in three years or a billionaire in 12 years.

“Mr. Dixon asked Prince how could he be so sure,” the court papers said. “Prince told Mr. Dixon that he could do whatever he wanted to.”


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