Add this to the list of bizarre things to go down at a rap video shoot. Police in St. Cloud, FL were recently called to the home of Mike Busey (actor Gary Busey’s nephew) because someone reported there was a hostage situation going down. But when they arrived they found Plies, some video actors, unloaded guns and a camera crew.

According to a report by TMZ, someone called 911 and reported there were two Black males holding a white male hostage. So needless to say, police rolled up, sirens blazing, in go mode, only to discover they were shooting a rap video. In the treatment, the Fort Myers rap was supposed to be picking up a bunch of guns from some Haitians. The cops apparently let the crew slide, but they did give the people involved a mouthful about not getting a permit or at least clearing it with them. “You got to call the Sheriff’s office and let us know. That could have been really bad,” said one officer. “If a guy comes down the street and sees that and starts dumping rounds out of his rifle thinking he is saving somebody’s life…bad things could happen.” He added, “If you guys do something like this, give us a heads up.”


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