Plies Calls Out Mainstream Media For Ignoring Donald Trump’s Connection To Jeffrey Epstein

Plies is not happy about the idea of Donald Trump being President Of The United States again. The 48-year-old rapper recently called out mainstream media for hiding the controversial billionaire’s connections to the late Jeffery Epstein. He believes that there is more to the media’s coverage of the 2024 presidential election, specifically their coverage of current President Joe Biden, than people realize. “So Trump In The Epstein Files Is Why Mainstream Media Don’t Wanna Let Go Of The Biden Story!!” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter) this past Tuesday (July 9). “The Longer They Keep That Front & Center In The News. The More They Can Stay Away From The Trump/Epstein Story!!!! In Hopes To Bury It!!!” The Fort Myers, Fla. rapper provided evidence of Trump and Epstein knowing each other on Wednesday morning (July 10). He shared a clip from a documentary where they are spotted together and pundits spoke on their relationship. This is controversial due to the fact Epstein was accused of sexually abusing over 36 women, with some being as young as 14 years old. He had also been arrested in July 2019 for sex trafficking before reportedly committing suicide in his jail cell the following month. “Wait So It’s A Whole Documentary About Trump & Epstein????” Plies asked. “What Was Trump Calling Epstein For [At] 3am?? Man Mainstream Has Failed The American People Badly!! This Is Extremely Embarrassing. Earlier this year, Plies shared footage of Donald Trump admitting that he felt Black people supported him due to his indictment, and the fact they can relate to being discriminated against. He called out said supporters who seemed to be “sipping the Kool-Aid” and not acknowledging the casual racism Trump spewed. “I’m Not Even Gone Lie I’m Starting To Like The Casual Racism He Gives U,” he wrote on Instagram. “Keep Treating Them Like ‘Tim Scott’ Trump!!! They’ll Jump Even Higher For U!!!” In another video, he shared footage of Trump referring to his Black voters as “Black ones” and made a bold prediction. “Before The Election He Gone Flat Out Call Them A ‘Ni**a’…” Plies wrote. “I Guarantee It & His Numbers Gone Go Thru The Roof!! This Is Why He’s Loved By His Base. Cause He [Says] The [Quiet] Part Out Loud!!! Keep [Proving] Who America Really Is!!” As the election draws near, it is safe to assume the “Shawty” rapper will only get louder in calling Trump out. 


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