Cam’ron And Boxer Shakur Stevenson Exchange Threats On Social Media

Cam’ron, Ma$e, and Shakur Stevenson verbally exchanged blows during a spat that bled over onto social media Stevenson reacted to Cam’ron and Ma$e’s critique of his fighting style during a broadcast of their It Is What It Is sports talk show.Clearly miffed by the Harlem reps’ appraisal of his recent title bout against challenger Artem Harutyunan, which he won via unanimous decision, Stevenson clapped back on social media, deeming Ma$e a ‘fake pastor” and accusing him of having a “failed career” as a rapper. The 25-year-old then appeared to invite Cam and Ma$e to combat, adding that he is “ready to go to war.” He also told the It is What It Is hosts to “glove up or shut up.In response to Stevenson’s digs, Cam’ron and Ma$e made the boxer a main talking point on a subsequent It Is What It Is episode The pair gave a humorous play-by-play commentary of Stevenson’s bout against Artem Harutyunyan, poking fun at the lightweight and feigning sleep out of boredom, which has been an overarching criticism when it comes to Stevenson’s performances. “I see why they call you Shakur Twitterson,” Cam said of Stevenson, referencing the fighters history of taking his quarrels to social media. “My ni**a, four hours of tweeting about me and Ma$e is wild. You boring, ni**a! I thought I was rather polite about it.” The 48-year-old then threatened to “slap fire” out of Stevenson, warning, “You getting boxing and the streets confused. “If you want to impress me, step up in weight,” Cam said referring to Shakur’s 140 lb light welterweight division, which is currently billed as having the deepest well of talent in boxing. “Fight Teofimo [Lopez] in Newark so he can knock your head to Irvington, ni**a. F**k is you talking about?” The Dipset leader also dismissed Stevenson’s claim that Ma$e had a “failed career,” pointing out in Ma$e’s heyday, he was considered one of the biggest stars in music. “Ma$e was Michael Jackson after Michael Jackson, ni**a. Before Drake,” he said. “He sold five million in three weeks. F**k is you talking about? Ma$e is one million percent a better rapper than you are a boxer! Unphased, Stevenson resumed his tirade, threatening to knock out Cam’ron if things were to ever get physical between the two. These ni**as mad Yall bi**h a** boys ain’t gone do sh*t bout it either,” the Olympian added. “Camron ever lift his hand up this way I’m putting him right out soft ass old ni**a,” he stated. “Mase go get back on diddy playing wit yo man hood f**k boy.” Stevenson also offered to step into their realm and express himself musically, alluding to possibly dropping a diss track targeting the two legends. “I’m bout to get in the studio next week,” he wrote. “I’m gone drop a Hit watch.”  


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