Offset Livestreams Getting Pulled Over By Cops In Beverly Hills

Rapper Offset was accused of waving a gun at people attending a Trump rally in Beverly Hills on Saturday — then livestreamed himself getting pulled over by cops and handcuffed.

Ultimately, though, the LAPD ‘fessed up to having grabbed the wrong guy.

“There have been media reports that entertainer Offset was arrested,” the BHPD said in a statement. “Those reports are inaccurate.”

“I’m a f–king celebrity, do you know who I am?” the rapper can be heard telling cops in the livestream, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’m Offset from Migos,” he insisted, referring to his hip-hop trio.

“You told me to put my hands up. I’m not doing that. There’s 25,000 people on my livestream,” he said of the Instagram audience watching along.

“You’re gonna get sued publicly.”

One of the cops, who has a gun drawn, can be heard telling Offset that he was responding to reports he had been “waving guns at people” while driving through the area.

The rapper responded that Trump supporters had started it, by hitting his car with a flag.

Bystander videos show the rapper’s wife, Cardi B, at the scene as well, though it was unclear if she had been in a separate car.

Offset, 28, remains in his car, and when one of the officers tries to reach in through the window and open the door from the inside, the rapper shouted again.

“You can’t do that!” he protested, according to the Daily Mail account.

“It’s not legal! I’m gonna sue the s–t outta you. Ya’ll know who I am?” he demands again.

The live performance abruptly cut out after the cop manages to open the door and Offset steps out.

Other video from the scene shows Offset being led away in handcuffs as a crowd of people — at least one of them holding a Trump flag — watch with their cellphones aimed toward the action.

Offset was not ultimately arrested; instead, a 20-year-old named Marcelo Almanzar was ultimately charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public, the BHPD said.


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