Nicki Minaj's Mother Files $150 Million Lawsuit Against Driver Charged In Husband's Hit-And-Run Death

Nicki Minaj and her family are currently going through one of the worst moments of their lives.

The past year has been especially filled with turmoil for billions of people all over the world. Just hen everyone though they had seen it all regarding unexpected deaths, the pandemic hit countries all over the world.

Now, this year came with a special kind of grief for the Maraj family, as they recently lost their father and husband, Robert Maraj to a fatal accident.

Recently, Carol Maraj slammed the driver who caused the accident with a $150 Million lawsuit.

Many are aware of who the Trinidadian-born hip hop singer and rapper Nicki Minaj is.

She has become a household name with her sensational music and style. Her real name however, is Onika Tanya Maraj.

She is the second child of four children from her parents, Carol Maraj and now late Robert Maraj. She grew up with her older brother Jelani, a younger brother Micaiah and her little sister Ming.

Both her parents were gospel singers and back in 1997, her father burned down the house that they were all living in, causing them to find other options. According to reports, Roberts abused alcohol and drugs while Nicki was growing up.

Recently, Nicki Minaj’s father Robert was a victim of a hit and run car crime. He sustained the unfortunate injuries while he was taking an evening walk around his neighborhood in Mineola, New York City.

After he was found, he was taken to the local hospital, and was pronounced dead there.

The orchestrator of the crime was identified as a man named Charles Polevich.

Footage showed that after he hit Robert, he stepped out of his car, took a look at the victim on the floor, ran back to his car and drove off as if nothing had happened.

Following the incident, the wife of the deceased Carol, decided to file a lawsuit to get justice for her late husband.

This lawsuit filed not only blamed Polevich for the wrongful death of Robert, it also asked him to pay $150 million in damages.

The lawsuit was filed on March 19, 2021 in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

The attorneys have issued their statements on the case, with Ben Crump Law, who is the prosecutor stating the offenders’ negligence in calling for help for the victim.

Regarding the lawsuit and the death of her father, Nicki has not given any public statement on her thoughts, but it’s obvious she will support her mother in any way she can.


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