Nicki Minaj New Album "The Pink Print" Pushed Back To Dec. 15

First, Nicki Minaj rapped about the joys of her great big butt on her single “Anaconda.” Now she’s moved on to serenading threesomes — this one imagined with two of today’s biggest rappers.

On her new song “Only,” released to iTunes Tuesday, the current queen bee of rap starts right out with a howler, involving some very big names.

"I never f--ked Wayne, I never f--ked Drake, all my life man f--k sake,” she raps of the two hip hop stars. “If I did, I would menage with 'em and let them eat my a-- like a cupcake."

Despite her cheeky dominance over these men, they happily played along. Both Drake and Lil Wayne spit rhymes in the song, the former’s stressing his own sexual fetishes, involving “thick” women. “"I like my girls BBW, the type that wanna suck you dry, then eat some lunch with you," the Canadian rapper cheerfully informs.

He also raps that, should Minaj make herself available for a boyfriend, he’d be “first in line.”

Wayne adds in his verse that if he ever did get with the song’s female star “she’d be f--ked up,” a line that, in play, doesn’t read as hostile but cute.

Chris Brown, who isn’t referred to in Minaj’s sex fantasy, sings a rote melody in the chorus.

In order to make way for such dense and sassy verse, Minaj keeps the music to a minimum. Countering the glossy pop of “Anaconda,” which mooched off the earlier Sir Mix-A-Lot standard “Baby Got Back,” “Only” offers just a spooky bass line and a slow-bouncing synth. It was produced by Dr. Luke, Cirkut, and J Mike.

You couldn’t call the song catchy and it’s clearly overlong, at a leisurely five-plus minutes. But it does serve to bolster Minaj’s accent on verbiage, however jokey and low.

The song also serves as the second single from the star’s forthcoming, third album, “The Pink Print.”

While that work was originally meant to appear on Nov. 24, its drop-date has been pushed to Dec. 15.


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