Michael Rapaport Claims Drake and Kanye Suck At Basketball

Justin Bieber, George Clooney and Denzel Washington can ball, but Drake and Kanye West should stick to music, according to Michael Rapaport.

The actor, who dreamed of a career in the NBA until he realized at age 15 that “there was no place for a slow, white Jewish kid,” rates the stars he has played against in various celebrity games in “This Book Has Balls” (Touchstone).

“Drake is a big basketball fan, but he has no game whatsoever,” the trash-talker said.

“Kanye obviously spent more time in art class than gym class. He stinks.”

As a self-described “dirty player,” Rapaport said he had trouble guarding stars who make a living with their looks. “The trouble is, you can’t hit them in the face.”

“Bieber is surprisingly fast and very competitive,” Rapaport said. The Biebs won MVP in the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game after Rapaport had won the honor the previous year.

Clooney once beat Rapaport in a best-of-three one-on-one series. “George’s game is confusing because he’ll foul you, talk smack and then be friendly . . . My street cred hasn’t been the same since.”

A huge Knicks fan, Rapaport is frustrated by the team’s “years and years of dysfunction. I’ve had enough. It’s embarrassing. We deserve better.”

As for Carmelo Anthony’s trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder, “I’m glad for him. No one deserves to be shamed and mistreated like that.”


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