Malcolm-Jamal Warner Says He Stopped Listening To J. Cole Because I Got Tired Of Hearing Ni**a’ & Bi**h’

Malcolm-Jamal Warner shares his belief that profanity in Hip-Hop has become overwhelming. Speaking on his new podcast Not All Hood, the actor discussed how his love of the culture has shifted due to the excessive use of the word “ni**a” in rap lyrics.“ I think why I’m more against it now is because it’s used so gratuitously,” detailed the 53-year-old, “It’s used without regard. At this point, for me, in Hip-Hop, I think there should be a moratorium on ‘ni**a’ and ‘bi**h.’ It’s low-hanging fruit. It’s so easy. Everybody fu**ing does it to the point that it’s corny. The Cosby Show star continued to explain his point of view by calling out J. Cole, admitting he had been a fan of the North Carolina rapper’s music.“ There are MCs who I love, who I cannot listen to anymore. I love J. Cole but I had to stop listening to J. Cole because I got tired of hearing ‘ni**a’ and ‘bi**h’ every two sentences. Because he’s proven himself to be such an incredible lyricist, [so I hate] the regularity that he does [use those words]. 


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