Kevin Hart Slams Fan Who Accused Him Of Making ‘Stereotypical’ Black Movies

Comedian Kevin Hart schooled a fan accusing him of promoting black stereotypes with his movies — by deeming her part of the problem.

The “Ride Along 2” star bristled at a question tweeted at him Thursday: “When are black celebs like @KevinHart4real & @MarlonWayans gonna stop doing stereotypical movies?”

But Hart argued he was actually “busting (his) a--” to make movies that don’t pigeonhole African-Americans — and that his critic’s mindset was the reason his movies get “categorized” in the first place.

“Let me take a sec to educate u sweetie,” he wrote in his multi-tweet takedown. “As a actor of color I am trying my hardest to remove stereotypes from the movie business...Ex ‘Black Movies.’”

“I make movies for everyone, I'm actually overseas promoting my movie on a international level,” he added. “I’m busting my a-- so other actors of color can eventually get the title ‘Black Movie Category’ removed from the projects that we do.”

“When are black people going to stop being so hard on their own kind...We can't do better until we support each other.”

Hart’s 2015 Will Ferrell-starring buddy comedy, “Get Hard” - marketed as an irreverent sendup of black stereotypes — was widely panned for missing the point.

The comic’s tirade came the same day he was announced as a presenter at the Feb. 28 Oscars — and amid a firestorm of controversy over the Academy’s all-white nominees.


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