Keri Hilson Explains Why She Hasn’t Released An Album

Keri Hilson wants to release new music – but claims there’s only so much she can do.

In an open letter posted to Instagram, which she promised to delete, the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer explained why she hasn’t released a new album since 2010’s “No Boys Allowed,” despite announcing that she’d started work on a new album the next year.

“My truth is, I’d love nothing more than to release this incredible music I’ve been ‘sitting on,’ and I’ve been trying for years for that to occur,” she wrote. “There have been so many blockages I have constantly fought myself to not directly speak about.”

Hilson, 36, wrote that part of why she’s partially stepped away from music is to focus on and explore other sides of herself — this decade has seen her turn towards acting and philanthropy — something that has turned off some of the people in her life.

“But I accept the fact that some relationships have just run their course,” she continued. “Other figures of my past are greedy, unreasonable & refuse to honor my growth. What I KNOW? – God is at work and in control. It’s clear that He’s been building up other parts of me.”

But Hilson concluded the post on a note of hope, writing that she’s confident she’ll release more music, but that both she and her fans need to be patient.

“Music will always be a huge part of who I am, but there is a process in process … challenges that I still must overcome for that work & future work to see the light of day it deserves,” she wrote. “I will emerge from this cocoon just as beautifully as I have overcome the other processes in my life that were designed to grow for me!”


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