Judge Refuses To Step Down From Meek Mill’s Case

The tough judge who dished out the harsh sentence to Meek Mill and repeatedly refused to free him on bail is still refusing to step down from his case — even after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court invited her in a written order to do so “in the interests of justice.”

Judge Genece Brinkley insists she is not unfairly punishing Meek and she does not feel the Supreme Court was rebuking her on Tuesday when it ordered Meek be granted immediate bail, suggesting she step aside.

After it was revealed in March that Meek’s original sentence was based on the testimony of a “corrupt” cop, even Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has publicly said he agrees that Meek’s conviction is likely to be overturned, and he has the right to bail and a new trial.

But Judge Brinkley is standing her ground. Her attorney Charles Peruto Jr. said, “The Supreme Court did not order judge Brinkley to recuse herself, they left it to her to decide, which means they didn’t believe there was a sufficient showing of prejudice. She has decided not to remove herself from Meek’s case.

“The Supreme Court also denied Meek Mill’s application to move his case to another judge. It wasn’t a surprise he got bail when the District Attorney is siding with his attorneys.

“Judge Brinkley knows Meek’s case inside and out, and the Supreme Court Justices do not. She is well known in Philadelphia for being tough, and tough across the board. It has been made to look like she’s picking on Meek Mill, but she does this all the time with probation violations, she takes it very seriously.”

Brinkley had continued to deny Meek bail after it was revealed in March that the rapper’s arresting officer, who was the key witness against him in court in 2008 leading to his conviction on drug and gun charges — for which he has remained on probation for over a decade — was on a DA’s list of tainted cops with a history of falsifying evidence, racial bias, brutality or lying in court.

Peruto said Judge Brinkley is now ready to consider overturning Meek’s 2008 conviction at his next hearing on June 18, but she still wants to see proof that the cop who arrested Meek was in fact corrupt — even though at least three other convictions linked to the same officer have been immediately thrown out by other judges.

“Judge Brinkley is interested in the new information about the case. If Meek’s legal team present a strong enough case and evidence at the hearing that the cop was corrupted, then she will overturn Meek’s conviction,” Peruto added.


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