DMX Explains How He Gained Respect For Drake On The Breakfast Club

The legend himself DMX visited The Breakfast Club this morning [Tuesday June 28] with Angela Yee, Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy to emphatically talk new music, health scares, religion, Ruff Ryders and plenty more.

There’s been a hold on finishing the Hip Hop veteran’s newest album and everyone has been wondering why but recently, DMX had a health scare that alarmed his closest confidantes like Swizz Beatz, who wanted to make sure the artist was in his best health before they took the deep dive back into music.

In February, DMX was found unconscious in a hotel parking lot in Yonkers, New York. “My heart stopped for 4 minutes, and I have asthma, I have all that, and a little bronchitis and I’m playing it sweet ’cause you know when you climbing all over the place, I’m coming outside with the t-shirt on and I really don’t remember what happened at all, but I walked out to the car and my cousin said I just cinched up and just dropped, fluid in my lungs, and all this sh*t is no joke…” The near death experience that he had was a wake up call for the rapper. “Not that I didn’t appreciate life, or the blessings God gave me, but I didn’t always do what I was supposed to do with it.”

X speaks on his plans to eventually become a pastor. “I do believe that God allowed my music career to create the platform to lay the foundation to gain the ear, to gain the credibility, so that way when I do become a pastor I don’t think I’m going to lose fans, I think I’m going to gain more… ” The rapper says, “The message is way more important than music, I just so happened to be putting the message in music at this point. ”

As he talks more about his upcoming album, X discusses how the importance of his music and the inspiration it has on other people. “To me, the real award is when you’re able to pull up ya know, wherever and come in contact with real fans. Not at an event, doing their everyday living type thing and ya know they tell you yo, this song you did saved my life, this song you did… it motivates me to work out or it inspires me to get out of bed in the morning.”

Download & Stream his new song Blood Red below :


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