Chris Brown Says His Domestic Violence History Can Help Raise Awareness

R&B singer Chris Brown believes his assault of Rihanna six years ago can actually help solve the problem of domestic abuse.

The controversial crooner is primed to make that case to Australian authorities, who have given him a month to persuade them to allow him into the country for a concert tour this December, despite his criminal record.

"I would be more than grateful to come to Australia to raise awareness about domestic violence," Brown tweeted Tuesday. "Im not the pink elephant in the room anymore.

"My life mistakes should be a wake up call for everyone," he continued. "Showing the world that mistakes don't define you. Trying to prevent spousal abuse."

Brown, 26, received a formal notice from Australian immigration officials over the weekend saying they were considering banning him from their borders because of his 2009 assault.

This comes after a prominent Australian official said last week that the nation isn't interested in having a man with Brown's track record allowed within their borders.

"People need to understand — if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you, 'You cannot come in because you are not of the character that we expect in Australia,'" said Australian Minister for Women Michaela Cash.

"This is a government that's not afraid to say 'no,'" she added.

Initially, Brown reacted angrily to the news that he might be denied entry. But on Tuesday, however, the singer implored he can make a bigger difference in the fight against domestic violence if he is able to travel to Australia.

"The youth don't listen to parents nor do they listen to PSA's," he tweeted. "The power that we have as Entertainers can change lives."

Australia introduced a new $100 million package last week to combat domestic abuse — in which policemen and social workers will be trained to spot and help victims and support survivors.

"All violence against women begins with disrespecting women," said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the program's launch. "We as leaders, as a government must make it, and we will make it, a clear national objective of ours to ensure that Australia is more respecting of women."

This wouldn't be the first time Brown's criminal background has restricted his travel.

In 2010, he was banned from traveling to the United Kingdom, and this past February, he was blocked from performing in Canada.

Chris Brown done lost his rabbit a$$ mind ……..


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