Bill Cosby Slams Miley Cyrus VMA's Performance

Don't expect to see Bill Cosby twerking when he performs in the New York area Saturday. The 76-year-old funnyman known for family-friendly humor doesn’t pay much attention to entertainers who aim to shock, but he still appreciates a heartfelt speech.

“What is ‘pushing the envelope’?” Cosby kidded about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance earlier in the week.

“We don’t have long to go before we see beheadings. Isn’t that what it’s all about, ratings?”

But he was impressed by congressman and civil rights champion John Lewis’ speech celebrating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington this week.

“You talk about a guy being arrested 40 times, how many times after they hit you and they left you bleeding on the bridge did you come back, and what did you come back for, John Lewis?” marvels Cosby.

Lewis wasn’t the only one to make a name for himself in the summer of 1963. In June of that year, Cosby first appeared on “The Tonight Show” and established himself as one of his generation’s most exciting new voices.

Cosby tells us that when he performs at White Plains’ Westchester County Center next week, his goal will be to entertain, not lecture. He recounted a recent trip to Spokane, Wash., that exemplifies the spirit of his shows.

“In Spokane, the bags come up and the bellman comes up, a black fellow, and he says he’s 28 years old,” Cosby recalls. “He says, ‘You were here four years ago. I brought my father. You started talking about things, and you did father and son characters, and my father and I were laughing because that was the two of us!’”

The bellman told Cosby that after the show, his father said to him, “Now you know what I’ve been talking about.”

Cosby tells New Yorkers heading to his performance, “If you can’t bring your dad, just bring some old guy.”

“The Cosby Show” creator also says he’s looking forward to running into his old pal Harry Jefferson, a former White Plains High School assistant principal he ran track against when the two of them were in the military in the late 1950s. Cosby says Jefferson is hobbled by bad knees these days, which could make for an interesting rematch.

“Harry beat me all the time in those races, and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for,” he said.

Ok, so usually I don't f**k with Bill cause he always has a stick up his a$$

But real talk, what they call pushin' the envelope was Miley Cyrus being Ratchet as f**k!

And how come Miley can sing about dancing with Molly & doing lines in the bathroom?And nobody says nothin' huh?


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