Why we think "THE BIGGEST" BIGG TROYE is up next

We were invited to see Bigg Troye perform in Harlem New York while she was coming through on her “The Biggest “ tour mid February from industry vet Black Auerbach. After watching a number of talented independent artist Bigg Troye perform and we witness what all the hype was about performing 3 tracks that had us wanting more. Since that performance we have been locked into Bigg Troye career. 

Bigg Troye is one of the most talented upcoming artist that’s in our eyes is on the road to the riches. Bigg Troye dropped her project earlier this year The Biggest which hit number 43 on the iTunes Charts with the lead single Mobby charting top 10 in a number of cities on the Shazam charts. With The Biggest Ep streaming over 100k just on Apple Music and Spotify we can guarantee that Bigg Troye has a bright future in music and anything else she wants to explore Stay connected to Bigg Troye on all her social media @biggtroye5 Contact info:

The Biggest ep

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