Teyana Taylor Says Iman Shumpert's Is Confusing Their Kids By Having Female 'Friend' Sleep Over

Teyana Taylor Says Iman Shumpert's relationship with a woman is negatively impacting their children In new court documents Teyana's attorney asks the court to let her call on a child psychologist to testify about something she says went down a couple weeks ago, when their daughters were staying with their father the ex-NBA star had a female friend and her daughter staying at his home during his parenting weekend with the daughters. Teyana's attorney says they know this because Teyana saw the woman's daughter and heard the woman during a FaceTime check-in with their daughters. Teyana's attorney also claims the woman was at SkyZone later with Iman and the kids. Teyana and her legal team say the oldest daughter was confused after seeing Iman and his companion sharing a bed and they claim Iman told her the "friend" was staying with him because her home was "broke Teyana says she feels Iman doesn't need to be flaunting the fling during his brief time with his daughters she points out he only has Junie and Rue on the first and third weekend of every month, plus a handful of Fridays. she believes Iman isn't aware of how his actions are affecting the children which is why she wants a child psychologist to weigh in on the subject for the judge in their divorce case. Teyana's attorney additionally wants a financial expert to testify because she alleges Iman's withdrawn nearly $4 million from several shared accounts 


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