Sontavia Shadee Jackson-Rozier, better known by her stage name Tae Roz, is a
Native Indian and African artist and songwriter. Tae Roz was born on November 1,
1991, in Claxton, GA, but raised in Collins, GA by her grandmother (deceased).

Early Childhood:
In Tae Roz early childhood, she started writing her own songs at the age of 10 and
participated in her neighborhood church activities with relatives. Also, she
performed in her high school classroom as a rapper and writer. In her high school
year at the age of 15, she deviated from her passion due to deception.
Years later in 2014, Nature introduced Tae Roz to Solo (Producer, owner of
Alpha’s Entertainment). Tae Roz and Solo is still currently lovers. For six years,
they both had taken care of their elderly parents. After deceased of grandparents
and in-laws, Tae Roz joined the United States Air Force as an Aircraft
Maintenance Technician in 2020 and still serving. In 2021, Solo’s life as a
Producer restarted again in his life. Tae Roz had no studio experience. Solo
recorded Tae Roz’s First Single “FFL” which released on September 16, 2021.

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