Suge Knight Reveals He Took The Charge For Dr. Dre In Federal Gun Case

On the latest episode of the Collect Call From Suge Knight podcast former Death Row Records CEO explains how he acquired illegal weapons for N.W.A. co-founder and music mogul Dr. Dre but the said acquisition landed him behind bars on federal gun charges. Suge talked about a convo with an unnamed person about getting guns for Dre and Snoop during the 1993 The Chronic Tour, saying, “I stopped Dre from getting a lot of time for beating up a gang of bitches and all the shit he was doing that made me… you know. My fed case is behind Dre. If I had to do it all over again I still would do it again because that’s the kind of man I am. The other person, I don’t keep it 1,000 and keep it gangsta because of the next muthafucka, I keep it because that’s my DNA. He continued, “So what ended up happening in that situation, a guy called me and said, ‘Hey, Dre want this type of gun. Snoop want this type of gun. Y’all getting ready to go on The Chronic Tour?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ [He said], ‘What kind you want?’ [I said], ‘I don’t need one.’ He adds, “I gave him the business manager number. The guy calls the business manager. The business manager wires the money for Dre’s guns to a guy who will give him the guns. A year or two later, on my birthday, they arrested me. The feds. “I go to court, David Kenner come and see me,” he said. “He shows me that, ‘Hey, [you] can get out, but Dre gon’ do the time, because his business manager is the one that got the money. He can do the time. He [inaudible] behind the shit.’ I said, ‘Fuck it, could you get him probation?’ David Kenner said, ‘Probably not.’ He said, ‘Maybe.’ said, ‘Tell you what: either try to get me probation, or if I gotta do a year or two, these muthafuckas better be in the studio working.’ So I got David Chesnoff out of Las Vegas representing me also because that’s where he was from. I got probation, which I end up doing time for that. Had nothing to do with me. So I don’t regret doing anything for people [I] fuck with, ’cause that’s what you supposed to do.


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