Soulja Boy To Meek Mill: ‘Y’all N**gas Always On My D!*k!’

After unleashing a mouthful over at the G.O.O.D. Music camp with Kanye West and Tyga, Soulja Boy returned to his Instagram Live wargrounds to take aim at MMG heavyweight and Dreamchasers leader, Meek Mill.

The Chicago-born, Atlanta-raised rapper-turned-social-media-sensation feels left out in the cold by the music industry, he ranted in a string of Instagram Live sessions. 2018 was his year, he asserted, not Tyga’s, who the hip-hop music masses crowned for the greatest comeback of that year. But who better to speak to that issue than the Man of the Year Mr. Meek Milly himself? Well, he didn’t. But he did repost a clip from Soulja’s initial tirade to remind everyone that he’s “on fiyaaaaa”…much to Soulja’s discontent, however.

“Meek Mill posted me on his page?” he exploded in a new Instagram Live clip. “I wasn’t trying to go viral n**ga! I was just saying some real sh** stupid little n**gas! Y’all n**gas always on my d**k, n**ga! I ain’t posting no other rap n**gas on my page, n**ga—y’all on my d**k! Y’all on my d**k!”

He went on to say that he would never post Meek on his Instagram, and that everyone has Tyga’s supposed imitation of him totally confused. Boasting the luxuries of his rap influencer lifestyle, he claimed no one in L.A.’s crib is one-upping his $4.9 million house (that he paid in cash, he’ll have you know) either.

Tyga ain't got the laptop with the lit up keyboard ........

Tyga lost his baby momma to Rob Kardashian .........

Soulja Boy is the goat .......


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