Snoop Dogg Reveals To Benny the Butcher How He Helped Cultivate Weed Culture In New York

Snoop Dogg recently sat down with Benny The Butcher and revealed how he helped cultivate weed culture in New York in the pre-legalization era the Griselda rapper appeared in a new episode of Snoop’s GGN YouTube series to discuss a number of topics, including Benny’s new weed strain “The Butcher’s Breath.” While recalling a previous trip to New York when Benny supplied him with some of the strain, Snoop began breaking down how he helped influenced the cultivation and consumption of chronic for his East Coast peers in the before times.“You know what’s crazy,” Snoop started off. “How, and I’mma be honest, hey guys I’m just telling the truth, New York used to be known for trash used to be known for straight trash. No this is no joke you can ask the rappers n###a they used to have seeds and all kind of s##t in they s##t they could be rolling up a blunt putting seeds and sticks you be like what the f##k is you doing? sh they didn’t know no better M until niggga star"t catching that flight [ __ ] with the real [ __ ] out here cuz we [ __ ] with y’all and [ __ ] show the [ __ ] what that [ __ ] was and nigg say well we can’t get it there how about we just get it there you dig and the connection was connected and there you have it weed stories one on one"


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