Russell Simmons Talks About ‘All Def Comedy’ Series

Russell Simmons is like crabgrass. He’s everywhere. His new HBO stand-up series “All Def Comedy” debuts Friday, 10 p.m. Dragged away from his yoga exercises, he said:

“These six half-hour shows will then follow with four more on subsequent Fridays, same time.

“It’s showcasing stand-up comedians — some famous, some not — in many styles and topics. I want to give the kids a chance. I helped launch many comics like Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer, J.B. Smoove. We taped this in LA. I have a great space in Beverly Hills, which I love and where we do podcasts and live feeds.

“It’s a devotional space teaching tools for the science of happiness. Yoga, technology, uplift, spirituality, proper foods, ways to do physical practices. It’s a delivery system for an alternate lifestyle. We teach total stillness. Survival. The Christ consciousness. I’ve written [several] books on yoga.

“We’re about circulation. Mind purification. Joint purification. Patience. Health. Let the noise settle. Life’s journey is inside. Doing this, one guy lost 270 pounds. He’s now my head writer.

“It’s not just twisting a little. Or about sweat. Or crazy poses. It’s about effort. Yoga’s a delivery system where we all come together. It’s what you need. You need to meditate. Transcend. You need yoga.”


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