Promotion Platform "YourOwnMusic" Has Added A Huge Opportunity For Indie Artists on Youtube

Jake Shaw, the CEO of "YourOwnMusic" has dedicated his career to helping artist and their music reach audiences around the world who are in search of new material. From Twitter to Instagram to Spotify and so on, YourOwnMusic has offered opportunity for musicians to grow their fan base. And as any musician knows, that's becoming harder and harder in an oversaturated market where talent isn't what's marketed anymore. But YourOwnMusic has created a track record of success, un-comparable to any other promotion platforms.

After recently working with artists like Skrillex and Young Thug, Jake Shaw realized his company was missing something....a Youtube platform. So he began to direct his following to a newly created youtube channel for YourOwnMusic and quickly surpassed 1 million subscribers. His clients began to send their videos over and have netted over 1 million views in just a few short months.

And now Jake Shaw and YourOwnMusic are extending their hands and opportunity to indie artists every where to place their music video in front of real viewers. The chance to be seen, heard and possibly go viral are now at any ones finger tips with the help of YourOwnMusic. Check them out today and see what they can do for you. Start getting the views, streams and attention your music deserves!

See YourOwnMusic's Youtube Channel and Numbers CLICK HERE

Contact Jake Shaw Directly @

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