Nipsey Hussle Estate Sued Over 'Victory Lap' Album Royalties

Nipsey Hussle has sold a ton of albums after his tragic death, and now one of the artists featured on a track wants to get his piece of the pie.

According to docs obtained by The Blast, Nipsey Hussle's estate is being sued by rapper Bradley Davis over the royalties for"Rap N*****," which is featured on the rapper's last album, "Victory Lap."

Davis states that he wrote the song with the help of Johnathan Nezey and Daruis Martin.

He claims Nipsey never obtained permission from nor paid any royalties to any of his collaborators to include the song "Rap N*****" on "Victory Lap".

In a creditor's claim filed in the estate, Davis writes that Nezey and Martin have "contractually granted me equitable entitlement to royalties as joint authors of "Rap N*****."

Davis doesn't say how much he's seeking, but wants accounting done to find out how much money "Victory Lap" has pulled in.

It's not the only posthumous legal action that has been taken against Nipsey Hussle, singer Singer Tasleema Yasin recently sued over the song "Hussle & Motivate."

Yasin claims she collaborated with Hussle on the track back in 2016 and performed several key components, along with a four-note vocal part.

She too fied a creditors claim, and believes she's owed a cut as co-author of the song, which is also featured on "Victory Lap."


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