NFL Star Xavian Howard Accused Of Sending Sexual Photos Woman To Her Son After Refusal To Get An Abortion

NFL Star Xavian Howard is being accused of sending an explicit photo of a woman to her teenage son after her refusual to get an abortion. A new filing in a lawsuit against the former Miami Dolphins player requests that the teenage son of a woman Howard was sexually involved with be added as a plaintiff against Howard. The suit, which was first filed in 2023 by another woman who is not the teenager’s mother, claims Howard sent the explicit photo as part of “his ongoing crusade to debase and humiliate the woman,” and caused “severe emotional distress” to the woman’s son. “Xavien Howard operates by intimidation and force,” the amended lawsuit reads. “Where he goes, destruction follows, and the lives of two individuals have been irrevocably altered because of him.” The superstar cornerback is also alleged to have secretly recorded sexual encounters with multiple women, including the plaintiff, and sharing them without their consent. “Howard’s conduct was outrageous (and) went beyond all boundaries of decency,” attorneys for the plaintfiff wrote in their filing. According to Howard’s attorney, his client “denies the claims and looks forward to prevailing in a court of law.” The plaintiff is requesting $50,000 in damages. No criminal charges have been filed against Howard.


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