NBA Youngboy’s Crew Member Pulls Gun On YouTuber During Spider-Man Prank

DeVaughn Lucas, née XvsWrld, uploaded the clip to his Instagram page on Saturday where the content creator encountered some of Youngboy’s team at a Walmart. Lucas, dressed in a full Party City Spider-Man couture, attempts to make a joke about the crew as he calls them “Hellcat users” and equates them to evil-doers. Youngboy’s little brother, NBA Ken, wasn’t feeling the prankster’s energy as he appeared to be trying to have a conversation on the phone. After getting fed up, Ken went off on Lucas as some of the NBA crew slowly approached the bootleg web-slinger.“ My ni**a stop playing with me, bi**h. Like real sh*t,” Ken asserted. “I’ll blow you down in that costume. I’m not playing with you, bi**h. Stop talking to me bruh Lucas continued his prank, referring to his Spidey senses, letting him know that he was in danger. Ken, still not finding humor in the trolling, approached him and pulled out his gun, which caused the YouTuber to break character immediately. The content creator attempted to let Ken know that “it’s a prank” but the NBA affiliate didn’t seem to care. “I know it’s a prank, ni**a,” NBA Ken shot back. “I see the camera, my ni**a. I told you I’m on the phone. 


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