NBA YoungBoy Allegedly Impersonate Doctor In Prescription Case

NBA YoungBoy‘s drug case continues to unfold following the rapper’s arrest in Utah earlier this week two different pieces of information about the case became public. The first is a police affidavit revealing the results of the investigation into YoungBoy’s alleged crime of being part of a prescription drug fraud ring. Second, the whole reason he’s in Utah in the first place his placement on house arrest while a federal gun case in Louisiana plays out is in jeopardy as a result of his arrest. The affidavit, shows that YoungBoy’s arrest was the result of a months-long investigation into a series of allegedly fake prescriptions for promethazine with codeine called in and, the document claims, picked up by YoungBoy and his associates. YoungBoy’s alleged scheme worked like this, according to the affidavit: “A suspect calls in a prescription, claiming the identity of a real doctor and using a fraudulent patient name and birthday, all for Promethazine with Codeine. Sometime after the prescriptions are called in, they are filled and picked up by [YoungBoy and/or people referred to as ‘Known Associates’ 1 and 2]. One big clue in the investigation was linguistic. The document describes an incident in early 2024 where a pharmacy received a suspicious prescription for a woman named “Gwendolyn Cox.” The pharmacy reports this to the police. While this is happening, two women who are allegedly “known associates” of YoungBoy show up to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription and are detained. That leads to “Gwendolyn Cox” calling the police and attempting to straighten everything out. However, the officer notes, “Gwendolyn” gave the wrong last name and refused to provide a birth year or address. More notably, the document continues, “during the conversation with ‘Gwendolyn’ it was very clear that a fake voice was being used. ‘Gwendolyn’ sounded as though she was a much younger male from the southern states.” In addition, “Gwendolyn” used the word “axed” for “asked,” which the officer notes “is consistent with a southern dialect. 


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