Koal Plae Interview Via Rap Monster Radio

Koalbe Lee Simpson, better known as Koal Plae, is a twenty-two-year-old rapper with a story to tell. Raised in Nitrate City, he grew up having an affinity for music. He listened to artists such as Master P, The Ying Yang Twins, Lil Wayne, and several others to pass the time. The love for music leads him to create music of his own, as he became a member of Christ Boiz, a local Christian rap group, under the stage name Mista K. He then formed ties to the local music industry, performing along with artists such as Sohi. His love for music grew out of the church forum though. He left the group, but after two years of a hiatus he started to write again, this time under a new genre. He then changed his name to Beat Assassin. While performing as Beat Assassin he began to circulate his music on different platforms, and he gained a small following. It was then he knew that his passion for music was worth it and began to get serious about it. His love for the industry only started to grow as he manifested that he was worth it. The growth lead to a new stage name Koal Plae. The Tennessee Valley Area is known for the fluid export of music, Koal Plae is part of that culture. His music is well known across the area and has led him to performances scattered across Alabama and Georgia. Koal Plae has been featured on playlists and in blogs. Not to mention he represents a shift in rap music. Stereo Stickman, a blogger stated that Koal Plae is, “Absolutely ahead of the competition in every way right now. Fast-paced yet faultless, considerate lyricism, intense passion, and unquestionable professionalism. A definite recommend.” Intense passion is perhaps the best way to describe him. Koal Plae represents that being your own biggest fan can truly inspire others and lift one to greater heights. Koal Plae works hard. He’s released over seventy singles, four EPs and has been a featured artist on several tracks. Don’t miss out on his music which is available several platforms which include Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and many more.

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Minute Maid

Out The Way


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