The brotherly connection between Key Glock and Young Dolph has been on display for years. Unfortunately, on November 17th, 2021 Key Glock would mourn the loss of his mentor, cousin, and business partner. Glock, who was signed to Dolph’s Paper Route Empire label frequently collaborated with Dolph sharing 2 albums together titled Dum and Dummer which was released in 2019, and Dum and Dummer 2, released in March of 2021. Dolph was fatally shot in his hometown, Memphis after purchasing cookies from a local cookie shop. When the news broke, Glock would deactivate his Instagram account, later posting “STOP asking me if I’m OK, knowing damn well I ain’t,” followed by the broken heart emoji. After posting a tearful tribute to his longtime friend, Glock seems to have come back with a song showing his respects to Dolph after dropping a teaser of his next single to Instagram. In the snippet of the single, “Proud” Glock can be heard rapping, “I lost my dog, I lost my man, won’t lie, I’m really lost inside/I can get it back in blood but still, I can’t get back the time/And f*ck that humble sh*t, let’s go, you know I’m spazzin’ out ’bout mine/I got Dolph lookin’ down on me, I know that n***a proud.


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