Born and raised in the multicultural paradise of South Florida this talented young artist has wanted to be a hip hop star from an early age. His musical taste has been informed by an eclectic group of musicians like pop legend Michael Jackson, reggae superstar Bob Marley, and rap masters Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and the late Biggie Smalls. As a young boy he had a karaoke machine and would spend hours every day practicing his rap. K.Nizzle strives to translate life into music with lyrics that speak to truth but maintain positivity as they blend harmoniously with the searing, throbbing beats that characterize his songs.

Driven by his passion for music K.Nizzle has never been deterred by the difficult challenge that every artist faces trying to break into the music scene. He shares his professional philosophy in the inspiring lyrics of his song When Opportunity Knocks as he urges his listeners to “run away from hesitation, fear is not a destination. Success is just another stance, success comes only if you take a chance.”

On his first mixed tape, which was hosted by West Palm Beach’s incomparable DJ Beni Boom, K.Nizzle collaborated with artists Jet (Respect Da Ladies, Long Distance Love) and Big C (Super Heroes) to create songs that get inside the head as well as the heart of the listener. Platinum producer Kooley C at Music Medics Studios took this young artist under his wing and produced his first mixed tape “Swag to da Fullest.” Kooley C continues to work with K.Nizzle to hone the talent of this up and coming young rap artist.

"Getting To The Top" is about if u work hard u will be successful.

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