Video of Katt Williams calling Kevin Hart a Puppet, saying that he Never got Fu*ked In The A$$ Or Sucked Dick To Get Where He's At.

Back in 2014 Kevin Hart and Katt Williams had a fight in the club. Here's what went down ….

While partying in the VIP section of Hyde Lounge, Katt Williams approached Kevin Hart to congratulate him on all of his recent success. According to bystanders, Kevin Hart made a joke about stealing the title of “King of Comedy” from Williams and he erupted. Williams began to shout uncontrollably and hurl verbal threats toward Hart. Before Kevin Hart’s security team could arrive, Katt Williams threw a left hook, catching Hart on his chin.

With a dazed look on his face, Hart began to scream and run towards his bodyguards. Numerous onlookers say Williams picked up a bottle and threw it at Hart, hitting him in the back of the head. Melee’ broke out as members of both comedian’s entourages began to brawl. Flying debris, bottles, and chairs were hurled about as a full on brawl broke between patrons and the comedian’s bodyguards.

Watching his Oscars speech Katt might have a point …...

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