Joey Bada$$ Accuses American Airlines Of Racial Profiling

Rapper Joey Bada$$' most recent flight hit a low note when he was allegedly racially profiled by an American Airlines flight attendant.

The Brooklyn-bred musician took to Twitter Sunday night to accuse the airline of racial profiling after he says a female flight attendant implied he did not belong in first class.

"So I'm boarding this #AmericanAirlines flight walking to my first class seat. But before I get there I put my bag up (in the first class section obvi) & one of the flight attendants goes 'excuse me sir you can't put your bag there that's for our first class customers' AHAHAHA," he wrote.

The rapper — whose real name is Jo-Vaughn Scott — said he then gave the flight attendant his ticket, after which the "whole plane just laugh(ed) at her."

"Stupid b---h. @AmericanAir is the best airline for racial discrimination," he wrote, before proclaiming he was Team Delta.

American quickly responded to Scott's complaint on Twitter, and informed him that they would have someone to greet him upon arrival.

The rapper did not take well to the airline's attempt to mend fences; in a tweet, he accused the company of trying to save face.

"Be honest you guys said this just for Twitter. Didn't see anyone waiting to meet me when I arrived. And even if there was, trust I wasn't interested. But thank you anyway… for nothing," he wrote.

In a statement, the airline confirmed it was investigating the incident, and claimed it had sent someone to greet Scott upon his arrival at LaGuardia Airport in Queens.

Despite Scott's tweet suggesting otherwise, a source told the Daily News that the airline did have a manager at the gate who was ignored by the rapper.

Scott is not the first musician to accuse American of similar behavior — in 2016, singer Jason Derulo had a heated argument with airline crew members that he also blamed on racial discrimination.

An internal memo sent to employees in November detailed the company's attempts to fix its diversity problem with a series of training sessions and meetings with NAACP executives.


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