Jak5on (@im_jak5on) releases debut single "Pray 4 Me"

Artist Name: JAK5ON

Song Title: PRAY 4 ME

Available on YouTube

Macon, Georgia’s Jak5on is ready to bring his talents to the big stage. The  southern emcee spent the majority of his life bouncing between Macon and Warner Robins and developed a passion for music early on. A breath of authenticity is  contained within his lyrics, as the twists and turns of his life are put over instrumentals  while he raps his perspective verbatim with a level of confidence hard to achieve at  such a young age. Recently he linked up with Jamezz Bonn, who works with Sony Records, and has continued a professional relationship that has gotten him  opportunities to expand his sound past the confines of his hometown. He has spent  night in and night out crafting his sound and is finally ready to share the results with  everyone, starting with his debut single “Pray 4 Me.” His heart bleeds out on tracks like  this, and it is this ability and so much more that will make Jak5on successful in due time! 

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