The world is crazy and we are all watching things get twisted. Hip Hop isn't what it used to be, that's cool. But where are my real creative motherfuckers at? Where is that Swag, like ain't no Motherfucker out there like me? Why aren't we growing and evolving to be the best we can motherfucking be?. Let's build and stop destroying because soon there will be nothing to destroy. Hip Hop expressed my way of life and as I get older my priorities change and the world isn't the same place it was 10 years ago. This recession is hurting a lot of people, you know you feel it we all feel it. The stress is building so we continue to destroy and the pressure is building where is that going to lead us? I hope it gets us to a breaking point we all can handle. You ask what does this have to do with Hip Hop? Everything. Because we are the world like the 80's. And we are living in the craziest of times.

My life is measured by the songs and the albums and the cassettes I used to make so I could act like I was a star in my living room. Then I grew up a little too fast and the songs I wanted to hear had to have my voice, so I entered the world of recording. Loved Hip Hop, still do. And now that we are in the year 2009 It's officially "A WRAP!"
I mean the world is changing and we have to keep it real by keeping it pushing to another level. I know that we think of it as a lifestyle to some it's their lives. I know we are seeing our seeds grow and what are they focusing on....
Hip Hop. Hip Hop, our voice that allows the world a glimpse into the triumphs and tragedies that occur in the hood.
The ghetto is a mind state. Poverty is a condition we all don't want. Broke is something you can fix, success is mixing business with pleasure. I want my family to live and I know you want that also, so let's get it together and focus on that voice. That's Hip Hop. Expressing your voice however you feel like doing. Fuck it let's all speak what is really real and what's in our hearts and that's hip Hop. Money, hoes, clothes, love, lust . Let's do it because now is the time. When the world goes to shit guess what? We'll be prepared.

I am just saying we are the shit and the urine as Kanye Put it, but we have to keep pushing and survive. That's Hip Hop. Survival and now the time has come to get things together because shit is real different. The President is Half Black and there was supposed to be change. I keep hoping, but I feel like I need a bailout. I feel like give me 10 gees I can get myself alright for a minute. stimulate the economy by stimulating our lives. It's a wrap now because the world we knew no longer exist time to step it up. time to live...Free of all boundaries that allow us to live and not just survive. The responsibility is up ours to take our lives and our game to a whole nuva level.

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