GloRilla DUI Arrest Caught On Police Body Cam Video

GloRilla went through a DUI arrest having to do a bunch of field sobriety tests for the responding officer the body cam footage from Tuesday night in Gwinnett County, GA where cops pulled her over and ultimately took her to jail and booked her on suspicion of driving under the influence among other charges the whole thing played out on camera and you can tell right from the get-go the officer here wasn't gonna let her off the hook, despite GloRilla insisting she was okay to drive. The cop wasn't buying that, and made her get out of the car. GloRilla does tell the officer she had a gun in the car but it doesn't sound like one was ever found, there's no mention of a firearm in the police report or was she booked on any weapons charges. GloRilla is out of the vehicle the officers make her do a bunch of things to prove she's not intoxicated including balance tests, walking straight, etc. GloRilla asks for clarification multiple times, but to our  she actually does pretty decently on most of these the cops felt differently and they asked her to voluntarily submit to a breathalyzer, which GloRilla refuses to do here in the video. GloRilla was hauled to jail where she posed for a mug shot and sat in the drunk tank until it was time to cut her loose She hasn't addressed the arrest yet but there's no hiding from it now. BTW, the moment GloRilla's boob popped out during this entire interaction shows up here too and she hardly noticed it until the cop pointed it out. 


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