Elliott Wilson Says Drake Sent Rat Emojis After Suspecting Him Of Working With Kendrick Lamar

Elliott Wilson and Drake‘s relationship was severely damaged during the Canadian rapper’s battle with Kendrick Lamar, and he shared more details on a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. The legendary Hip-Hop journalist explained that the crooner sent him a rat emoji after Wilson asked whether or not Drake was planning to release “Family Matters.” He spoke to the artist’s paranoia and explained to the JBP that Drake thought he was feeding Lamar information about OVO and his family because Lamar and Wilson were both in Venice at the same time. “I think he started to think like Kendrick’s in Venice you’re in Venice like he started to view it like I’m just really against him,” he told the show’s hosts. “So when he dropped ‘Family Matters, I was like, ‘Yo you dropping this tonight?’ He hit me back like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever lol,’ and then he sent me a rat emoji. The journalist previously spoke about his relationship with Drake during an episode of The Bigger Picture in May. Wilson explained that Drizzy had unfollowed him after the masses declared Kendrick the winner of the battle. Elliott expressed that Drizzy’s move to unfollow him was “painful” and explained how he found out. “It’s funny because Drake is the kind of dude that, even if he doesn’t f**k with you, he still follows you. So, he’s not an unfollow kind of dude. [But] I saw somebody in my comments say, ‘How do you feel about Drake unfollowing you?’ I got my emotions about it… but look it’s hard… that’s my guy, I respect him,” the veteran journalist said. Later in the episode, Wilson stated that he was warned not to visit Toronto for a while, a sentiment that he reiterated on The Joe Budden Podcast.He explained that the move left him effectively blacklisted from Drake’s hometown, saying, “I got the calls from OGs—I’m not really welcomed in Toronto right now. I grew up in NYC and you know not to go into other people’s projects. You might visit shorty but you ain’t got no business being over to those projects looking for no problems. So, I would not go to TO if me and Drake weren’t good. I just think it’s a tough time to manage these relationships with artists… You develop these connections with them, and then you have to manage these relationships and its ups and downs with that. 


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