Drake Not Responsible For Bobbi Althoff Divorce After Their Interview

Bobbi Althoff getting divorced is now being picked apart by fans who think Drake might've had something to do with it Bobbi's now-estranged husband, Cory cited July 4, '23 as the day he and her separated and the reason folks are hyper-focusing on this is because it just so happens to be around the time she aired her viral interview with Drake, where they're both in bed the speculation has been peaking with many suggesting Bobbi and Drake were, perhaps, closer than we saw and that they maybe had something going on Drake was actually NOT a big fan of Bobbi toward the end of summer last year and that they had a major falling out post-interview, although they were friendly in the immediate aftermath. Drake and Bobbi continued texting after they had their famous lay-down chat Drizzy even invited Bobbi to his L.A. concert on Aug. 12  which she attended which she attended. Unfortunately for her, only general admission was offered sources say Bobbi was genuinely angry about this apparently feeling she deserved to be in the VIP area with Drake's other celeb friends and she made her indignation known in a since-deleted video where she's standing around on the arena floor pouting about. Not long after that went up  Bobbi took the clip down, and within the same weekend she also took down the original nearly hour-long interview no explanation for either. people were trying to figure out if they'd had a falling out and as it turns out, they absolutely did. when Bobbi was at the show her little video was reflecting how she actually felt namely, furious she'd ended up in GA Bobbi blew Drake up about it that same night while he was onstage and that she even tried going backstage at one point but got rebuffed by security. 


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